Dear Students,

Pediatric Gastroenterology classes for the ED will have the following course: every day 2 seminars will be held on MS Teams platform, you will start with the first seminar from 9.00-10.00 and follow with the second one 10.30-11.30. As a part of practical classes, the so-called bed-side classes, which cannot be conducted now in Cov2 restrictions, you will solve clinical cases, which will be sent to you.
Case topics on a given day will refer to the topics of the seminars.

Seminar topics we offer are as follow:
• Bleeding from GI tract
• Chronic diarrhoea
• Acute & chronic pancreatitis
• Abdominal pain
• Constipation
• Eosinophilic diseases
• Liver diseases
• Coeliac disease
• Diets in ped GI

We will assess you on the last day of classes by the test available on eWUM ( Questions in the test will be based on seminars content. We will send you marks of the test ASAP.

Erasmus students need a certificate with a grade in order to have the course recognised by the home university, so please send your certificate to our clinic secretary ( If you'll have any question please send an email to me ( or to dr Łukasz Dembiński ( who is also involved in organising e-learning for ED.

Best regards
Katarzyna Karolewska-Bochenek MD, PhD
Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Medical University of Warsaw